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CanariasLibre | for Homeowner

We are a marketplace rather than a platform

When you start renting out your property for short term / vacational purpose you very likely go with the big two marketing platforms AirBnb and HomeAway. These platforms keep the mamouth marked share due their sheer financial power. Everybody is in and we very much recommend to use their service to reach out efficiently to your potential guests.

Although these giants keep the mayor stake there is still a plenty of small and medium sized agencies and companies who work diligent and effective – often with personal approach – to market great and succesful holidays to its clients.

One of the biggest hurdles for Homeowners to work with these small companies is the fact that with same effort a like to the big platforms to provide and maintain object, media and price data the amount of bookings is by far less by each small marketer than it is through AirBnb and Co.


We work since a decade in the vacation home business. We are working with more than 30 different channels in Europe for Canary Islands vacation homes. In 2021 (Jan – Nov) the average booking rate for our objects (20+) has been as follows:

36% marketplace

source: CCchannelsync Nov 21  is a vacation home service provider and has been our business up to now.

One of the biggest hurdles for homeowners when working with these small businesses is the fact that with the same effort for the provision and maintenance of property, media and price data as with the large platforms, the number of bookings from each individual small marketer himself is by far lower than this via AirBnb and Co.

CanariasLibre is our offer to you as a homeowner to remove this hurdle. We don’t just offer another small channel with a limited range, instead we bundle those channels and give you a stronger tool:

Less work , more profit

How do we work with you: CanariasLibre is responsible for the integrity of the process from the binding booking to securing the payment processes to securing the availability of the respective property for arrival and during the stay.


The remuneration for the marketing and brokerage is calculated flexibly on the net calculation amount of the overnight price for the number of overnight stays, excluding the ancillary costs with cleaning or operating costs allocated to the customer. Our remuneration is set off against the net price and offered to the customer.

NET price (net price / night x number of nights)

+ (CanariasLibre agency fee)

+ extra costs (final cleaning)

= Booking price to be paid by the customer

The NET price is the price you provide to us and will get out from bookings through our marketplace !

For providing us with the current net price plan for renting out your property we have a seasonal scheme on which the you can orientate your price structure:

SPRING April – June (low season)
SUMMER July / August (mid season)
AUTUMN September – December (low season)
YEAR END December 18 – Januray 6 (top season)
WINTER January – March (high season)

Important: If the property is offered on your own or a third-party website (airbnb or else) with price information, the net booking prices reported to us may reach a maximum of the NET booking prices entered on the platforms (minus the respective platform commission).

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